ALL waxing is vegan friendly & cruelty free

1/2 leg -  £17
1/2 leg  ( inc  bikini ) - £22
Full leg  ( inc  bikini ) -  £30
3/4 leg - £25
Thigh & bikini - £25
Bikini - £12
G-string -  £14
Brazilian - £20
Hollywood -  £25
Bottom - £12
Tummy -  £10
Snail trail - £5
Lip or chin -  £8                                                                                                                                                Lip & chin - £10
Eyebrow  - £10
Forearm - £14
  Brazilian v Hollywood  (lets sort out the confusion)  

A  Brazilian wax is where we leave a neat "landing strip" on the pubic triangle and remove hair from the under-carriage and bottom areas. Lets just say its A little bit of bush topiary for your lady garden.

A Hollywood wax on the other hand is a full garden tidy with  EVERYTHING from down there removed,  pubic triangle, undercarriage, bum , the lot.  You will be left as clean as a whistle , as smooth as a babies bum, preened to perfection and as good as new.

 Please note;
 For intimate waxing we require panties to be removed as its quite difficult to navigate around huge pants . Please don't be shy, we have seen it all before and you certainly won't be the hairiest person we have seen, neither will you have the biggest bum or the most cellulite.   
 unfortunately, at present, general anaesthetics aren't available for waxing .... but you can take 2x painkillers an hour before your appointment if your feeling wimpy.        

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